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"i know you want to, i know you want to run away..."

a couple quick pictures from the show last night

it wasn't really a concert venue,
more of a old elementary school
turned into a teen center/housing
for old people. but it was a better
fit than i thought it was gonna be

they were good

i've been to the place a bunch of times
for various other things, so i went up to
the balcony and watched from there


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Balcony views are fun. :]

Super jealous!
I havent saw them in forever. :[
i know i was so happy to see them
i was supposed to see them last
month at the knitting factory, but
had an influx of school work i put
off that needed to be done.

The last twice I was meant to see them, they cancelled on us. :[

The UK needs them back soon.
Its been too long.
You speak the truth my friend
i was there last night and i was right up front. only a few people near me were moving but that didn't stop me haha. i was so happy that they played hey sweetheart after me and my friend screamed for it.
i went up on stage after & got the setlist
& it was on it. which was really neat b/c
i doubt they plan to play the demos often

it also was weird b/c that wasn't the original
name of the song, not untill i heard it was i
like - ohhhh, it's "i'd dodge a bullet for you"

same with me. i got the set list after and saw it but it still made me happy that they were gonna play it. back in august at the crazy donkey they said they were gonna play "hey sweetheart" and i was like what's that? it's always said i'd dodge a bullet for you in my itunes so i didn't realize hah.
yeah i was front and center and almost went deaf from the 14 yr olds with their panties in a twist over brandon reilly but their presence on stage was pretty awesome. biggest venue i've seen them play at since my friend fucked me over for AFI at roseland this past june, and they pulled it off marvelously
it was so funny to watch.

before they played. brandon when out to
set up his gear & the 5 people who knew
who he was went over to say hey. & then
the girls who didn't knwo what he looked
like ran over to him in their frantic way.

it was rather comical.
yeah that was me, i walked over and complimented him on the new video and asked how long they'd be playing and after he walked behind the curtain a sea of people rushed behind me. i felt bad and awkward :[
Oh I was there, but I was off to the side like leaning against a wall with my friends so I wouldn't get trampled by little girls. I felt bad talking to them after the show b/c of all the little girls who ran over to Brandon, but Sammy and I bonded over how old we felt and the end.
you should have come up to the balcony. if
i am not upfront, i have realized that i'd
like to be above. you see everything.

and i was thinking of staying after, but i didn't
want to bother them b/c i knew all the girls were
were going to attack them. so i just left.

I didn't know you could go up to the balcony, at first my friends and I were sitting in our seats but then we couldn't see anything with all the children and I felt like taking pictures so we moved up to the front.

I hate talking to bands after shows when theres a milion little screaming girls basically attacking them, that's why I love the older shows b/c it's more mellow and not OMGOMGOMG! you are real!!!

Seriously their people, who get creeped out by screaming adoring fans usually.
i like brandon's jacket.