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Nightmare of You are on Twitter

just incase you didnt know, Nightmare of You, are now on twitter (which is basically a service that allows you to send text messages to everyone in your network). You can join their twitter network and follow them on tour by texting "follow nightmareofyou" to 40404. there are no additional fees to do this other than what you pay for a text message.

recent shit they twittered:

just saw a bumper sticker on a car that said "next time you think you're perfect, try walking on water." That driver must hate his life.
1 day ago from web

we have a day off today. it's just us, the open road, The Modern Lovers, and The Libertines. -Bran 05:34 PM May 26, 2008 from web

Just started an excruciating 9 hour drive to Denver. Not an ideal situation. Don't change. -BR 09:32 AM May 24, 2008 from web

why is middle america still decades behind the rest of the country? Just saw a billboard that says
gunssavelives.com. I'm depressed now. -BR 05:14 PM May 23, 2008 from web

Freedom isn't free. It costs folks like you and me 99 cents. Freedom Fries. 02:57 PM May 23, 2008 from web
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