imthesunny (imthesunny) wrote in nightmareofyou,

NOY related

So last night I went to see Brand New and Dashboard Confessional at Madison Square Garden, and while standing there with my friend I looked behind me and a little bit behind was Brandon and Ryan who were going to go sit in the seats. I was too tired to make my way over and go say hi and plus I would feel weird since for some reason I tend to see Ryan at whatever show I go to and I swear it's the  weirdest coincedence. Yeah so anyways I think Jesse Lacey (Brand New) went over to go say hi to them after their set b/c I saw him walking to around where they were sitting. So seeing them made me incredibly excited to see them again Dec. 28th. This really didn't have a point other than I felt like sharing, the end.
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